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After ammassing art from around the world since his early 20's, cosmopolitan art collector Samir Mouawad contributes to the development of collectors and evolvement of collections, acting as a consultant.


Broadening the world of fine art collecting to new and experienced collectors by providing the opportunity to own the original works of selected international artists, Mouawad believes in the power of art and endeavors to use its network as a positive force for art as it's social responsibility to contribute to the development of creativity by enforcing the culture of the collection.  


As the collectible contemporary art continues to evolve and expand, Mouawad will promote the art movement and connect people around the world who wish to make a mark on the art map and history, as well as contribute to society in terms of culture and art. 

Ates was born in Adana, a Turkish city of fertility, refined culture, and the wealth of  Hittites, Seljuks, Byzantines and Ottoman. He grew up among the widespread, white blooming cotton fields and infinite patterns and designs of wildflower meadows. His passion for beauty and his nuanced perception of the light and dark of the world has found expression in many different forms yet it is within contemporary painting that he has experienced true liberation and fulfillment as an artist. The long and circuitous road of Ates’s artistic and geographic migration eventually found him in New York City in where he made a home and worked for eighteen years. 


Ates’s work, known for its diversity and originality, are drown largely from Anatolian literatures, folklore and myths. The challenging techniques, innovation and mental stimulation inherent to contemporary art have led him to create a meditative solitude that results in pure freedom of self-expression. He has gained recognition for its fearless exploration of form and style, and the skill and vision necessary to merge an unbending tradition with a wild contemporary spirit.


His work has been widely shown internationally and is held in multiple collections of top collectors worldwide. He currently lives and works between Istanbul and New York.



A blue chip Turkish painter among the world's greatest living artists                                              


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Selected Past Solo Shows

2016, EKAV Culture Foundation Art Gallery, Istanbul


E Space Gallery, Shanghai, 2015


Dolmabahce Palace Museum, Istanbul, 2014


Next Level Art Gallery, Istanbul, 2013


Mabeyn Gallery, Istanbul, 2012


Art Palm Beach, Miami, 2011


Is Bank Art Gallery, Istanbul, 2011


Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, 2010


Craig F. Star Gallery, New York, 2009


Wingrow Galen, Taipei 2009


Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, 2008


GOSB Gallery, Istanbul, 2007


Hagia Sophia Museum, Istanbul, 2006


Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul, 2006


Gallery Artist, Istanbul, 2005


Nurol Art Gallery, Ankara, 2005


Gallery Artist, Istanbul, 2004


Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, 2003


The Red Barn Atelier, New York, 2003


Gallery Artist, Istanbul, 2002


Blenko Art Gallery, New York, 2002


The Red Barn Atelier, New York, 2001


Blenko Art Gallery, New York, 2000


Yana Eleb Associated Partners, New York, 2000


The Red Barn Atelier, New York, 1999


Brow Gallery, Istanbul, 1999


Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul, 1998


Yana Eleb Associated Partners, New York, 1998


V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, 1998


Kincannon Fine Art Gallery, Dallas, 1997


Pop International Galleries, New York, 1996


Yana Eleb Associated Partners, New York, 1996


Adamar Fine Arts, Miami, 1996


Gallery D'Art Horizon, Barcelona, 1995


Terry Dintenfass Gallery, New York, 1995


Lyons Gallery, Miami, 1995


Terry Dintenfass Gallery, New York, 1994


Aksanat Art Gallery, Istanbul, 1993


The Procession Kiosk Museum, Istanbul, 1992


Essex Street, New York, 1992


Dolmabahce Palace Museum, Istanbul, 1991


Minus Zero Gallery, Los Angeles, 1991


Terry Dintenfass Gallery, New York, 1990


Kampo Cultural Center, New York, 1989 






The right to use images of ERTUGRUL ATES's artwork is subject to the rules of copyright. Please inquirie in advance.


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