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George D. Rountree 

Most respected and renown healthcare management guru 
and influencer, Mr. George D. Rountree is internationally recognized for his work in growth and development in healthcare organizations.
With over forty years of award-winning healthcare leadership experience, Mr.Rountree have chaired Vehbi Koç Foundation American Hospital and American Medical Centers Management as CEO, and The Methodist Hospital as VP. Mr.Rountree is still working closely with issues of state health policy within governments of several countries, the private sector, and academia. He has received numerous honors and awards, including Research Fellowship Award from the American College of Hospital Administators.
Mr.Rountree guides clients on macro trends in care financing and delivery; offers measures and tools needed for systemization of care, with management-led delivery organizations, the role of stakeholders, including physicians, employers, and patients; and future possibilities offered by information technology. He also provides advice on the fields of ageing population and managing the increasing burdens of chronic lifestyle-related diseases.
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